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Apartments in Soho, one of Ty Byrd’s favorite districts

A personable and accomplished Real Estate Broker, Ty Byrd has had many moments in his life that have brought him to love what he does.

Ty Byrd was born in New York and has always loved his home city.

Ty Byrd: Military Service

After attending College in Queens, Ty Byrd went on to enlist in the Marine Core. In his time traveling and helping others as part of his duty in his Communications Platoon, Ty Byrd was taken all around the world.

After the first time he was deployed in Norway, Ty began to realize how much home mattered to him. Byrd had traveled all over, working hard, helping his team for long hours. While all this work and travel enriched him, it most of all enriched his values and appreciation for New York City. For the people who lived there, how important their homes and families are to them.

When Ty Byrd retired from his Military career, he resolved to continue on supporting the lesson he had learned and to actively pursue what he now believed to be most important: the warm and welcoming feeling, and safety of one’s own home. A place to find rest, stability, and a place to take care of one’s loved ones, to raise a family out of way of danger, from the safety of home, or simply a place to begin a new stage of your life.

New York City Real Estate

With this in mind, Ty Byrd set out back home to join a Real Estate company. Having traveled around Manhattan and the other New York City areas in his most informative years, Ty already new just about as much as you could about every borough, their sections, strengths, weaknesses, the type of people who lived in each neighborhood. Over his career playing team sports and operating as a part of a professional Communications Unit, Ty’s skills of communication were just what a Real Estate company had in mind for their brokers.

Ty headed back to New York City with the intention of taking some Real Estate classes. With some of the money he made in his Communications Unit, Ty Byrd enrolled in a Real Estate certification program specializing in New York City Real Estate. Throughout the course, Ty personally delved into each topic, wanting to know the ins and outs of each transaction, the specificities of each district so he could navigate the best experience for his future clients.

After finishing his education, Ty Byrd was ready to find a place. Within a short time, Ty Byrd had found a home for himself: Aventana Real Estate. Impressed by his wealth of knowledge about New York City’s each and every borough, and his natural friendliness, Aventana Real Estate took on Ty as a broker.

With over 10 years of Real Estate experience, Ty Byrd has been serving New York City customers in every borough, helping to find and connect his patrons with the best deals available in all of New York City.

Ty Byrd Real Estate Podcast

You can now listen to Ty Byrd’s Real Estate Podcast online on SoundCloud. In the podcast, Ty Byrd discusses real estate news from celebrity homes for sale in your neighborhood to news on the housing market, and how various events around the world can have an impact on the real estate market worldwide.



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